IT Business Partner

IT Business Partner fills in as the essential interface with relegated branches with the end goal of business innovation system improvement, arrangement revelation, and relationship with the board. The YD characterizes the venture engineering for the association and adds to the objective of guaranteeing that all change movement is lined up with YD's business system, objectives, and goals.

Patterning Strategy

Provide strategic thought leadership with regards to the role IT plays in executing the business strategy.

Growth With Partners

Develop the multi-year strategic roadmap for the business units with a clear link to the business strategy and to ensure successful introductions across the branch and with Stakeholders.

Business Growth with us

Lead the interpretation of system into the development of business branding expectations to guarantee arrangement with business methodologies and business design systems.

Work with partners.

Work with integration and supplier architects to design solutions that support the business processes and assist with the alignment of supporting technology roadmaps.


Oversee the launch of solutions and help to maximize the positive impact on the Department.

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