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Introducing Google Duo, A Smooth 1 to 1 Video Calling App

Google new app, Duo, may be a straightforward video-calling service that is offered for android and iOS these days. Besides the coming messaging app Allo, it is one among 2 communication apps Google proclaimed earlier this year in I/O conference, and one of the four al together from the corporate.

In a way, it is Google answer to Apple FaceTime, and it makes matched line of work between android phones, and from android to iPhone, terribly simple. although each parties need to download the app to start chatting (unlike FaceTime, that is baked into the dialer of compatible iPhones), it is still an intuitive app to use.


And whereas android users can possible enjoy using duo to video-call all their friends, iPhone owners will not notice it compelling enough to enter fellow iPhone users. However, it should definitely become their go-to app when calling up a friend who uses android.Here are some highlights:

Google Duo App will works across iOS and Android — all you need is just a phone number

Smooth interface
Duo is very smooth and simple from start to end.To kickoff, all you just need is your phone number and you will be easily able to reach to the people in your phones contacts list.Separate account is not required,you can just sign up in a less steps.After That, you can quickly begin a video call with a tap.

Fast and stable
We all know very well how it feels when a call fail to connect or when video gets stopped. We have invented Duo to be very sstable,reliable and fast, so that video calls connect instantly and work best even on slower networks.The Quality of call adjusts to network conditions to connected you— when a bandwidth is restricted, Duo App will gracefully diminish the resolution to kept the call running smoothly. For the video calls, Duo App will transform between cellular data and Wi-Fi automatically without drop your call.

Human design
We created Duo to feel pleasant and inviting, focused on you and the person you are calling. To make the calls feel pleasant like an invitation rather than a halt, we designed a feature in Duo app called Knock Knock which let us to see live video of your caller before you can answer the call, giving you a impression of what they are up  and why they want to chat with you. Knock Knock makes the video calling more extempore and welcoming, help you to connect with person before you pick up the call.

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