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Beyond Coding: A Comprehensive Approach To Mobile Application Development

At Young Decade, mobile app development does not just mean coding,development and design. Our rapid development process is much more involved, encircle strategy, development, Quality Assurance maintenance and delivery.
We take this hostile approach because you can not make a quality product without all of these feature included. A product can be technically good, but crash if it does not offer value to clients or there is no requirement of it in the market. Similarly, the distinctive value of the product can be clear, but the product will vanish if the user experience is worst and there are defects.

We are going to provide a high-level synopsis of how we approach product development at Young Decade,demonstrating how deliberation for a more holistic process can greatly gain quality of your product and its ability to accomplish in the marketplace.
Product Description
Product description focuses on determining the goals of the product,scaling business objectives, market and competitor inquiry, and creating a mobile strategy. At Young Decade, product description is completed in an intensive -3-4 day onboarding and project initial process, with a set of goals including:-
 •    Creating a preference product roadmap.
•    Identifying  technical and business challenges to be solved from a feature perspective.
•    Discussing key questions or hurdles to success.
Young Decade entire design process target on the end user. All decisions are made with the user in mind, which is why scaling out user personal during product description is so crucial. Understanding the client and their needs helps us to built design which makes understanding  the application comfort and easy.
Young Decade development process combines elements of various  philosophies that allow to create innovative apps,reduce downtime, minimize risk, and maintaining project velocity.
Flexible,Group-Based Development
Flexibility is an essential aspect of the rapid methodology in theory, but not in practice. Having flexibility is very important because it gives you to shift and adapt to changing project needs without affecting project . This is the reason why so many project teams struggle with it is because it needs to be involve directly into the development process, which is no too easy.
When the app is ready to be published, we also handle the submission process of apps to the appropriate app stores. For iOS in particular, this is an important overlooked phase that many do not considered in project timelines, but definitely should. If done wrongly,having your application accepted to the App Store can take up to a week, in some cases longer if the submission is rejected.

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