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“Revealing The Brand New Features For Your iPads & iPhone: iOS 10 is Here”

The next operating system for your iPhone or iPad is just here which is iOS 10.It is the tenth crucial revision to the iPad and iPhone operating system.The New Operating System now available as  free update for existing  iPhone 5 and newer and iPads (iPad mini 2, iPad 4, iPad Air and newer).

Following  changes you will notice with the New iOS 10.

Lock Screen
•    Slide to unlock is restyle.
•    Swipe to right gives you to a refurbish notifications screen.
•    Swipe to left gets to camera app quickly.
•    If you do not use Touch ID fingerprint sensor, you will press the home button instead of swiping.

•    Pick up Your iPhone/iOS to wake it up.Notifications will be available on the screen.
•    View photos/videos or also respond to messages in notifications panel.

iMessage Updates
•    The message bubbles will be slight different;
•    Now you will be send a message in your own handwriting. The Recipients will see the animate message, as if you are writing.You will be able to draw over videos.
•    The new feature  “invisible ink” now gives you to send photo and messages that remains hidden. To reveal the message the recipient will swipe.
•    You can Send messages like “Happy Birthday,Happy New Year” with animations;
•    You can now add stickers to messages.The add-on for this option will  available in  new App Store for iMessage.
•    Multilingual typing gives you to type in two languages at  same time without changing keyboards.

Redesigned alarm clock
•    It will now comes in a dark theme.
•    It will remind you when to go to bed.
•    It will save each & every alarm you have ever set.

•    Search the photos by things or people in them.
•    You can create movies of your photos.

•    Voice-activated support Siri now  be able to control functionality of 3rd party apps,which includes WhatsApp,LinkedIn, Pinterest and WeChat. For example, if you wish to send a message to contact via WhatsApp, Siri will  allow you to dictate and then proceed to send it.

•    Maps will now make more suggestions on where you are likely to go, and the quickest way to get there.
•    Now the search will find the closest places for food, gas,ATM or coffee, and calculate the extra time and add on to your route.
•    Find the convenient parking spaces.
•    You can book a restaurant reservation or request a car while in the maps app.
•    Adding New Home app  which bring to unlock doors, turn on your lights, etc before you arrive to Home.

Music Updates
•    The look will now more robust and updated;
•    You can view lyrics while playing a song.

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